For our PIXELS competition, members can submit an image to the theme which is then judged externally where a gold, silver or bronze can be awarded. At the end of the year, the overall winner is announced.

January, Colour
One colour dominates the subject of the image. The image is to be in colour (not B&W) and the colour that dominates the image is not to be a black background or blue/green water.

March, S is for…..
The main subject should be a plant, animal or structure that begins with the letter S.

May, Three
Not one, not two, not four, but three should be the dominant theme within your image.

July, Fish Face
A portrait of a fish that clearly shows its face from a side-on or front-on view. The image can be macro, close-up or wide angle as long as the fish face is the main subject.

September, Just below the surface
A photograph taken just below or close to the surface of the water. The surface should be obvious within the image. Split or over/under shots can be submitted in this theme.

November, Open
Any image that has been taken underwater, but not including in an aquarium, is allowed.

The PIXELS Competition has its own set of rules, download and read the Pixels Rules 2018. Entries must also meet the WAUPS Competition Rules and Image Size Guidelines which can be viewed here.