2019 Image of the Year

Congratulations to Tammy Gibbs, winner of the WAUPS 2019 Image of the Year competition. Tammy’s image of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in The Bahamas was voted the winner by the members at the AGM.

The Image of the Year competition is generously supported by Bluefish Photo.

Humour winner

Congratulations to Patricia Swallow, winner of the 2019 Wayne Storrie Underwater World of Humour Award! Pat cleverly edited her rhinopius photo to make us all laugh during the voting. Well done Pat!

Amanda Blanksby was the runner-up with her image of a high-jumping weedy seadragon. Well done Amanda!

The Humour Award is generously sponsored by Willyabrup Dreaming Pottery.

East vs West shootout competition

Its Snappers versus WAUPS as two photography groups compete to answer the question – which is better, east or west?

In opposite locations over the same weekend, the clubs will dive to find and photograph the best their local area has to offer within three categories. Photographers from both clubs will submit 3 images to be scored by 3 judges. The top images will be tallied to determine which is the better location!

Diving allowed from 5pm Friday 5 April to midnight Sunday 7 April.
Photos are to be taken from the shore only (boat diving at shore locations allowed for medical reasons only) and between the 40km stretch of coastlines of: