Annex C – Short Video


  1. To be eligible, all footage must be taken by the entrant and more than 50% (by time) of footage must be taken underwater (the ‘Underwater Component”). Over-under footage is acceptable and may be treated as part of the Underwater Component.
  2. The Underwater Component of all entries must be taken within the time frame set by the specific competition (if any).
  3. All footage entered into a competition may be taken anywhere in the world, unless specific rules for an individual competition specify otherwise.
  4. Entries must not contain profanity, pornographic images, violent images, or illegal material.
  5. Any audio or soundtrack not the original work of the entrant must not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and by submitting any entry to the competition the entrant confirms they have acquired any licence required.
  6. All entries must be a single MPEG-4 file no longer than 1 minute in time and HD (1920 x1080) or less resolution.


  1. Copyright remains with the entrant but the entrant grants to WAUPS a limited, non-exclusive license to use any footage or a still from an entry for the purpose of promoting the club either online or print.  All footage used will be appropriately credited to the entrant and the entrant may choose to not have their entry used on WAUPS social media.