Annex A – Pixels

  1. Competition duration is for one calendar year in January.  The overall results will be presented in January of the following year.
  2. The theme for each monthly submission will be noted on the WAUPS website and in the enews.
  3. For each monthly submission, an external judge will view the submitted images. Every image entered will be eligible to be awarded one of the following standards.  There is no obligation for the judge to award a gold, silver or bronze award if the images entered do not meet the standard as described below. 
    • Gold – Most judging criteria are expertly handled. A very strong image displaying a high level of excellence in art photography. Technical standard is very high.
    • Silver – Some elements are very good and the technical standard is high. A strong image and successful visual communication has been achieved.
    • Bronze – Sound image with at least one strong element. The message is present but not strong. Any flaws are minor or compensated by other successful elements. Evidence of intent to combine skill and artistry.
    • Entrant – the image does not meet the above standards.
  4. The external judge will be encouraged to provide critique on the images submitted.
  5. The name of the external judge will only be provided once the images have been judged and not before.
  6. Points to be allocated are as follows:
    • Gold – 15 points
    • Silver – 10 points
    • Bronze – 5 points
    • Entrant – 1 point
  7. The Pixels competition winner for the year will be based on the total points received for all 6 entries within that calendar year.
  8. Images may only be submitted once for the Pixels competition.
  9. Images that have won Image of the Year are not eligible to enter the Pixels competition.
  10. The results from the judge will be announced at the following monthly meeting.