Marjon Phur

How I got into diving:

My passion for all things diving began after a try dive on the Great Barrier Reef.  It took me about an hour & a very patient Irish backpacking Instructor to get my head around the fact that yes …I can breathe underwater… once down I was smitten with the beautiful reef & the giant Queensland Groper that followed us the entire dive.  As soon as I got back to Perth I signed up to do my Open Water.  That was 6 years & 490 dives ago and I have since completed my Advance, Nitrox and Rescue certifications.

My camera equipment:

After a few dives I went and bought myself a little Vivitar underwater camera popped it on auto & off I went concentrating on taking lots of very green dull blurry photos. I couldn’t work out why everyone else’s photos were all so colourful & clear and finally took the plunge and purchased a Canon G10 & a Canon housing & a single S2000 Inon strobe.  I booked a course with Jeff & Dawn Mullins in Tulamben and they taught me that there were a lot more settings other than just Auto!   After a few housing issues with the G10 I decided to purchase a Canon S95, Ikelite housing and another Inon S2000 Strobe + a Inon close up wet lens and a Wide angle lens.  My rig was now complete and my S95 served me extremely well winning the WAUPS open & novice portfolios as well as the image of the year for 2013.  I did feel the need to upgrade again and have since purchased an Olympus EPL5, Macro, Wide Angle, 14-42 lens, a Zen Dome Port, and Olympus housing.  I’ve kept the 2 Inon S2000 strobes & close up wet lenses that I previously had.  This is a whole new learning kerb and I have since done completed another course to get to know it better.

Favourite dives/memorable moments:

I am fortunate to have dived some awesome places in the 6 years I have been diving such as The Red Sea, Tulamben , The Abrolhos and my very very favourites would be the fabulous underwater photography live aboard cruises to Komodo and North Sulawesi/Bangka with Jeff & Dawn Mullins.

Exmouth and Raja Ampat are on the list for this year & Belize next year.  My most memorable dive was Manta Alley in Komodo where I was mesmerised by the beauty and grace of these magnificent Mantas as well as being buzzed by a Tiger Shark at Elphinstone Reef in the Red Sea, my worst dive was being caught in an extremely strong down current in Kubu Tulamben where I almost.…almost… had to ditch the camera!


My family & non-diving friends think I am totally obsessed with everything diving and underwater photography…I suppose they are right.  When recently I saw a car license plate starting with DOF  I thought of Depth of Field and at a recent function a lady dressed in a Green & Black frilly dress made me think of a Nudibranch so yes if that makes me obsessed then I am!

I am fortunate to have a wonderful patient non-diving husband who supports me in all my diving/photography adventures.  I have made a lot of great friends through diving and love nothing more than getting together for post dive food and coffee and babbling about all things diving and underwater photography!