Karl Fehlauer

WAUPS Vice-President 2013/14

When, where, how did you learn to dive?
I learnt to dive in 1984 with Mike Ball Watersports and have logged over 310 dives.   I did my AOW with Eric Howarth of Pleasure Divers on Magnetic Island, Qld in 1996.

How did you get into underwater photography?
I have always been interested in the aquatic world having had aquariums and reading books and watching all those docos on the ocean as a kid growing up.   In 1984, when I was in the Army, I was posted to Townsville and we had to do Adventure Training.  One of the options was to learn to Scuba Dive with Mike Ball so I took the opportunity and I have never looked back.

I have always loved reading magazines and books on diving, etc and as a result it got me interested in underwater photography. When I discharged from the Army in 2006, I found that I now had a life, so I got back into diving and took up underwater photography and I have just gone on from there.  My main inspirations are the guys I dive with every weekend – from them I have learnt so much and get enjoyment from being able to dive with them and the discussions with them after the dive.

Your camera equipment/toys?
I currently have a Canon G12 in a Recsea housing with twin Sea & Sea 110A strobes and a Jeff Mullins +3 macro lens.

Favourite dive site (local, interstate, overseas) dive buddies, accessories?
My favourite sites are all those that I dive regularly but I like the Ammo Jetty for the sheer diversity of life in such a small area.   I haven’t dived much overseas but I like Tulamben, Bali.  I’m heading back there in July 2012 and next year I’m planning on diving at either Lembeh or Anilao in the Philippines.

Most memorable UW moment?
Back in 2004, I was in Karratha for work and spent a day snorkelling up there.  During the day, we had a mother Humpback Whale and her calf come and join us and they spent about 15 mins swimming around the boat I was on.  After a while the mother rolled onto her back and raised her flipper in the air and ‘waved’ at us as she and the calf swam off.

Anything else others may find interesting?
I was the President of the Great Barrier Reef Volunteers Association at the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium in Townsville for 2 years – 1993/94 and 1994/95.