In 2015, this competition will be split into PIXELS and MEGAPIXELS.
Images also need to be taken in last two years to encourage fresh images and shooting to the theme.

PIXELS is for those who haven’t won:

  • WAUPS Image of the Year
  • WAUPS Portfolio
  • WAUPS PIXELS overall winner
  • WAUPS Rotto Day Dive overall winner

Everyone else is in MEGAPIXELS.  You will remain in the same catergory throughout the year and only move from PIXELS to MEGAPIXELS the following year if you win one of the above competitions during the year.

December – WITHIN THE SAND – Mark Jeffs, Jenny Ough and Bert de Wit

November – INTO THE BLUE –  Janet O’Brien and Amanda Blanksby

October – BATFISH – Danny Messom and Bert de Wit

September – POLYPS – Amanda Blanksby and Mark Jeffs

August – SHOALS AND SCHOOLS OF FISH – Daniel Lloyd and Mark Jeffs


July – BACKLIGHTING – Amanda Blanksby and Maryann Evetts


 June – CLEANERS – Chandy de Wit and Shannon Earnshaw


May – PURPLE – Chandy de Wit and Gary Browne

April – REFLECTIONS – Chandy de Wit and Mark Jeffs

March – BUBBLE MAGIC – Peter Nicholas and Mark Jeffs


February – CAVES, CAVERNS AND OVERHANGS – Emma Holman and Mark Jeffs


January – MANMADE – Daniel Lloyd and Isla Cath