The overall winner for PIXELS 2013 was Chris Holman.  Congrats Chris!
Chris got the year off to a great start with a win in the JETTIES theme and then submitted shots every month to take out the overall prize.  Here are Chris’s 12 shots.

Well done also to the other WAUPS photographers that made the PIXELS 2013 Top 5.
Second – Emma Holman
Third – Jenny Ough
Fourth – Ken Strickland
Fifth – Danny Messom

A HUGE thanks to Mike Ball Dive Expeditions who are sponsoring the 2013 PIXELS competition with an amazing prize – a 3 night/12 dive Fly Dive Cod Hole expedition.  The lucky overall winner’s expedition begins with an incredible 250 kilometre low level reef flight. Soon you are swimming with diver size fish at the Cod Hole before exploring the exquisite Ribbon Reef sites north of Cooktown. Here you see the best concentrations of pristine corals, colourful tropical fish and fantastic Minke whale encounters (June/July). Enjoy comfortable cruising within sheltered waters aboard Spoilsport where space, comfort and stability are unmatched.

Winners for 2013

December – MOST AWESOMEST SCREW UP – Mick Lee, Peter Nicholas

November – MY FAVOURITE – Amanda Blanksby, Jenny Ough, Emma Holman

October – ABSTRACTS – Yuri Verbaan

September – INCHES BELOW THE SURFACE – Emma Holman

August – RAYS – Joey Pool

July – CONTRASTS/LIGHT & DARK – Jenny Ough

June – SEA STARS – Ken Strickland

May – OCTOPUS – Michelle Mann

April – BLENNIES – Ken Strickland

March – ORANGE – Emma Holman

February – URCHINS – Pam Sutton

January – JETTIES – Chris Holman