The overall winner for PIXELS 2011 was Viv Matson-Larkin.  Well done Viv!  Although Viv didn’t win any of the monthly themes, she did submit consistently high-scoring images to take out the overall points.  Here are the 12 shots that earned Viv the title of PIXELS winner for 2011.


A big thank you to Tulamben Wreck Divers for sponsoring the 2011 competition by donating a dive/accommodation prize for our winner.

December – STRIPES, Daniel Lloyd

November – CNIDARIANS, Tammy Gibbs

October – BLUE, Ian Robertson

September – BIG, Emma Hicks

August – SPOTS, Jenny Ough

July – WIDE ANGLE, Danny Messom

June – RED, Sue Morrison

May – CRUSTACEANS, Jenny Ough

April – EYES, Tammy Gibbs

March – BEHAVIOUR, Karl Fehlauer and Tammy Gibbs

February – SILHOUETTE, Ian Robertson

January – YELLOW, Chris Holman