WAUPS holds regular monthly meetings where members, guest speakers and visitors exchange ideas and information. The topics include practical and theoretical sessions in photography (for both the novice and experienced photographer), marine biology lectures, presentations of dive areas and trips, competitions, evaluation of photographs and in fact anything that may be of interest to photographic divers.  A show-and-tell of digital images from members takes place at each meeting.  Anyone interested in underwater photography with any level of experience is welcome to come along to our monthly meetings.

Monthly meetings are conducted at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm sharp start, at Drabble House, corner of Stirling Highway and Webster Street Nedlands (behind the Nedlands Public Library) on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

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Future Speakers and Topics
If you have any ideas for future speakers or topics, please let us know.  Email

Previous speakers/topics at our meetings include:

May 17 – Shannon Conway – Rottnest Shipwreck Graveyard and Tracey Harris – Water First Aid
April 17 – Yuri Verbaan – Storage Solutions for Photographers
March 17 – Ian Warne – Maritime Archaeological Association
February 17 – Andrew Poole – Swan River Wrecks
January 17 – Chris Beaton – Coogee Maritime Trail
November 16 –Bill Brogan – My diving/photography journey
October 2016 – Alex Hoschke and Glen Whisson – Grey nurse shark research and the Rottnest Fish Identity book
September 16 – Craig Francke – Macro without Bubbles
August 16 – Rusty Gelle r- Videography
July 16 – Brent Acie – Judging images and Critique night
June 16 – AGM
May 16 – Leanne Thompson – Diving with Tiger Sharks in Bahamas
April 16 – Brad Pryde – 3D printing
March 16 – Jessica Ngeh and Marion Massam – Aquatic Biosecurity
January 16 – Claire Ross – Coral Growth at Rottnest
November 15 – Shannon Conway – Galapagos and Mexico trip report
October 15- Maryann Evetts – Cleaning and critique night
September 15 – No speaker
August 15 – Seng Mah – 10 Steps to become a better photographer
July 15 – Amok Island (aka Xander Rood) – Street Art
June 15 – Madeline McAllister – Digital Frontiers in Underwater Archaeology
May 15- Shannon Conway
Apr 15 – Alanah Buck, shark fatality forensics
Mar 15 – Danny and Daniel, Africa, Antarctica
Feb 15 – Fitzgeralds, printing your images
Jan 15 – Critique night and Raja Ampat trip report
November 2014 – Alex Hoschke, grey nurse sharks
October 2014 – Hans Kemps, Orcas
September 2014 – Andrew Hosie, Cryptic Crustaceans
August 2014 – Lightroom Library module, Gary Browne, Yuri Verbaan, Tammy Gibbs
July 2014 – Ryan Kempster, Sensory systems of sharks
June 2014 – Critter night, Sue Morrison and Ann Storrie
May 2014 – Annual General Meeting
April 2014 – Shannon Conway, Think before you shoot
March 2014 – Ric Mcdonald, Lightroom
February 2014 – DIY Night with Karl Fehlauer, Brad Pryde and other members
January 2014 – Liam Allen, Mars the Magnificent
November 2013 – Lisa Kirkendale, Bivalves
October 2013 – Shannon Conway, Galapagos Islands
September 2013 – Critique night
August 2013 – Callum Girvan, Rebreathers, drysuits and a bit of Bikin (Atoll)
July 2013 – Joey Pool, Fluoro underwater photography
June 2013 – Michele Thumms, Megafauna from the Antarctic to the tropics
May 2013 – AGM
April 2013 – Shannon Conway, negative space and the Abrolhos Islands
March 2013 – Royal Australian Navy photographers
February 2013 – Clay Bryce, marine mucous
January 2013 – Interactive show and tell of favourite 2012 images
November 2012 – Russell Ord, surf photographer
October 2012 – Gear lust and envy show and tell
September 2012 – Gary Jackson, Redmap
August 2012 – Seahorse tales and pregnant males, Dr Glenn Moore
July 2012 – Eleanor Hodgson, Solomon Islands
June 2012 – Critique night with judges from the WAPF
May 2012 – AGM
April 2012 – Dylan Fox, landscape photography
March 2012 – Alex Cearns, pet/animal photography
February 2012 -Raja Ampat trip report by Shannon Conway, Chris Holman, Emma Holman, Sue Morrision, Tammy Gibbs
January 2012 – Jorg Imberger, Centre for Water Research
November 2011 -Peter Buzzacott, scuba diving science
October 2011 -Kerry Trayler, Swan River Trust River Guardians
September 2011 – Sue Morrison, sharks and rays
August 2011 – Ramon Newmann, Lightroom
July 2011 – Jon Davison, aerial photography


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