2020 Open Portfolio

The results of the 2020 Open Portfolio Competition were announced at February WAUPS meeting. The competition was judged by Darren Jew

Congratulations to Mary Gudgeon, winner of the 2020 Open Portfolio competition!

The judge’s comments on Mary’s entry were:
Each image in this portfolio is of a very high standard, both technically and aesthetically. I particularly enjoyed the photographer’s use of appropriate depth of field in each of the images. I found refreshing (where appropriate) the way subjects were separated from suitably-lit backgrounds using selective focus rather than by the use of the more common technique of making backgrounds black, either through harsh lighting, or heavy post-processing. Congratulations to the author, who also chose to create a portfolio layout that provided a pleasing colour pallet and balanced composition, while still maintaining individuality and diversity amongst the individual images.

Congratulations also to Daniel Messom who was the Runner-up!

The judge’s comments on Daniel’s entry were:
This portfolio contains a rich mix of subject matter. Each image captures the character of the various species. It’s a great example of how otherwise disconnected images can be held together in a cohesive set through the choice of tone and colour. 

Here are all the entries in the 2020



Our thanks to The DiveTub for their continued support of this competition through their generous sponsorship.