2015 PIXELS and MEGAPIXELS overall winners

A big congrats to Mark Jeffs and Amanda Blanksby who were the PIXELS and MEGAPIXELS overall winners for 2015.

Mark submitted some strong images during the year to take out the overall PIXELS prize, followed by runner-up Maryann Evetts and third placed Isla Cath. Well done everyone! We know Mark is really looking forward to his one-on-one photo course with Jeff Mullins from Reef Wreck & Critter – Underwater Photography, thanks Jeff and Dawn for your support.

The MEGAPIXELS comp was a very close result, with only 20 points separating the top three. Amanda just took it out with Bert de Wit the runner-up and Chandy de Wit in third place. Congrats everyone, there were some stunning images submitted during the year! Amanda wins a voucher from Fitzgeralds to get one of her photos printed.

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